Yesterday, Monday 20 February, Occupy Norwich took down their camp at the Haymarket. Members of the movement worked together to decamp smoothly and leave no trace. They gave to charity and homeless people as much as they could, and recycled where possible. It was very moving to see some of the homeless people, who gather around the free soup stall which opens at Haymarket at night, make use of blankets and other items. One woman said it was like Christmas. The rest of the rubbish went to the tip this morning and parts were arranged to be removed by the council. Their support is greatly appreciated.

This however does not mean the end of Occupy Norwich, but a move on to a new phase of wider community and direct actions, educational projects, and a continued public forum for discussion. By such means as these, Occupy Norwich will continue to raise awareness of the global problems that urgently need addressing: Inequality, unsustainability and dysfunctional democracy.

Occupy Norwich would like to thank everybody who has been supporting us in the attempt to make people aware of the problems of injustice and inequality we face. The economic crisis and the failure of the financial and banking system have made clear that it is not the lack of money or wealth, but unjust and distorted distribution of it that causes major problems in society.

Your ongoing support and interaction is very welcome and essential. You can find us and subscribe to the newsletter at, listen and contribute at and educate yourself at For donations and anything else, please contact us through

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