“The time has come to choose the kind of society we want to live in.”
Ha-Joon Chang, June 2012

What do people need to live well? What are the resources that we wish to claim for the people? How should decisions be made in our communities?

… Occupy London has moved into a new phase and is focusing its amazing talent, energy and inspiration around the themes of community, commons and localism. Our task is to turn occupation into lasting change by imagining and building compelling, just and democratic alternatives to the current morally bankrupt system.

To achieve radical change we need to continue building a people’s movement, reaching out to different groups in society, forging strong alliances and mass-mobilising to bring about the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible. Occupy London is therefore planning a series of general assemblies exploring the themes of community, commons and localism.

This series starts on Saturday 16th June and will continue until the end of August.

We invite individuals from grassroots organisations and community groups to get in touch with us to participate in these assemblies. We want you to spread the word about these assemblies as widely as possible. Together we can claim what has been taken from us and assert our rights as communities over the corporate state.

16th June / 2pm on the Steps of St Pauls Cathedral

Email: occupylondonga@gmail.com
Twitter: @occupylondonga

Invite all your friends! See you there!
FB Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/477327888950050/


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