The last meeting was great and we made some progress with regards to how we might structure our meetings (trial runs and all subject to change ;) ). The next meeting was agreed to be scheduled for Tuesday, 7 August, 7-9pm at the Norwich Playhouse meeting room.

One important point we discussed was that it would be beneficial to have an online presence along the lines of the norfolk-mailing website, however with a focus on progressive groups and individuals in and around Norwich. This will be a space where anyone can find information about the groups part of VfC, activities and events coming up, and contacts. The idea is that the site is structured in a way that each individual/group can update their own details. Volunteers have already done quite a bit of work on it, coming soon!

We had a round of talks about why we have come together at Visions for Change and agreed that meetings should include three aspects:

1 shout-outs about upcoming events and activities by groups and individuals
2 action networking, in other words connecting individuals to set up activities and support each other outside VFC
3 education on issues: have discussions on issues we feel need to be discussed in this space. We do not want to duplicate discussions and talks already taking place, but a number of us felt the need to educate ourselves in this informal round on progressive issues. Discussions will first take place in small groups of max. 7 people on the same issue. Then we have one person from each group sit in a fish-bowl format conversation and feedback and discuss the outcome of the groups.

The next meeting will be set up in the structure above. The first issue we agreed will be discussed is: ‘bracing ourselves for collapse’. This should not be a gloomy discussion, but instead seeing this point in time as an opportunity for positive and progressive change and how we can live that change. The topic chosen for the following meeting is ‘education’.

The fourth aspect we agreed VfC should be about is ‘socializing’, thus after our two hour meeting there is time for a drink in the pub! I am very much looking forward to our next meeting.



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