The following is a definitive list of statements that have been proposed and agreed by consensus at GA. A written copy of these statements is held at the Occupy camp. If you disagree with any of these statements, please take it to GA to for discussion and to have the statement recalled, if appropriate. 

  • Wealth inequality is too great
  • The house of commons does not represent the will or interests of the common people, rather the wealthy
  • We want a fairer, more sustainable system

Originating from Climate Change working group:

  • We cannot conceive of a way to reduce global warming without an increase in global equality
  • An increase in global equality is not enough on its own to fight global warming
  • We need a cultural shift change to reduce energy use
  • This cultural shift shall include a reduction in consumerism to reduce output and hence emissions
  • We need to be valued for things other than material wealth
  • Humans should enhance nature rather than degrade it

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