Features Of Wireless Security Camera To Look For

Modern wireless security camera systems are convenient and versatile. If you are planning to install security cameras then look for the following features.

HD video capture

The advanced home security systems Albuquerque¬†are designed with a minimum of 720p resolution to 1080p HD video recording. You get a clear image and visibility of what is going on within the CCTV’s field of view.

2-way audio

The security system is equipped with a microphone and a speaker for 2-way audio. It allows the person monitoring the CCTV to communicate with people/person given the camera.

Night vision capabilities

The wireless outdoor CCTV installation can record images in dark. This has made it simple for home and business protection at nighttime. A few cameras employ image intensifiers to increase the ambient light in the frame. Low-light CCTV uses infrared light and a real clear image in dark.

Cloud storage

With DVR storage you are limited with space but with Wi-Fi outdoor CCTV installation, you can upload all the footage to cloud storage. It means you obtain more storage space as well as check camera feeds from anywhere with internet access. Besides, off-site storage means a thief cannot destroy crime evidence by stealing or damaging the tape or DVR.

Motion sensors

You can even have motion-activated cameras for preserving video storage space. CCTV with motion sensors gets activated when someone enters its field of view. It only records when there is activity to record.


Wiring needs can limit the placement options but wireless CCTV installation is flexible. You can move cameras around and enjoy more placement options. Advanced security camera systems make use of state-of-art encryption techniques to protect signals.