Precautions For Driving On The Road

Precautions For Driving On The Road

Thinking about awareness and best practices such as getting speed bumps and humps, the fleet manager can use mechanisms to alert the team about the care needed when traveling on the road. Teaching materials, conversations, or even the development of internal policies can be useful to encourage the team to value road safety even more. We separate here some fundamental precautions to pass on to drivers. 

Tip 01: Respect The Speed Limit 

Data released by the Ministry of Infrastructure point to speeding as one of the main causes of traffic accidents on Brazilian highways. It so happens that, on the roads, each section has specific particularities that demand double attention – such as sharp curves, lack of visibility, or steep slopes. Allowable limits indicate safe speed to avoid occurrences. That’s why it’s essential to respect the signs throughout the route. 

Tip 02: Keep Your Distance From Vehicles 

Another essential conduct for those driving on the road (and even in the city) is keeping their distance from the vehicle in front. This space can be essential to avoid accidents in different situations.   Keeping the distance between your car and the car in front is crucial when an evasive maneuver may be necessary. In case of congestion, good separation also prevents pile-ups. 

Tip 03: Do Not Overtake In A Prohibited Place

According to the Federal Highway Police, frontal collisions caused by improper overtaking are the leading causes of road death. In stretches where overtaking is allowed, visibility conditions are good and possibilities for escape. This means that at points where movement is prohibited, the driver does not see the vehicle approaching in the opposite direction and has nowhere to evade. That is why it is essential to respect the continuous bands. And, even in sections where overtaking is allowed, it is essentialonly to carry out the maneuver when there is complete safety. 

When in doubt, don’t go over. 

Tip 04: Avoid Adverse Weather Conditions

Fog or heavy rain should be avoided because they make driving more difficult, impairing visibility and making the road slippery. Therefore, when faced with such conditions, the best tip is to look for a safe place to park and wait for the weather to improve.