What is the difference between SEO, SEM and SMM?

What is the difference between SEO, SEM and SMM?

Buzz words change, but some remain. SMM, SEM and SEO are just a few examples. These terms are confusing and irrelevant. These terms are important to business owners.

* SMM stands for “social media marketing”. It refers to the promotion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

* SEO (search engine optimization) directs traffic to your site through specific strategies that are used to rank higher in user searches via portals like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

* Search engine marketing is an acronym that stands for “search engine optimization”. It refers to generating website traffic through a combination of SEO and paid advertising. This is the broadest term and includes SEO. However, it encompasses more than just SEO.

Why should you care?

  1. Many online marketing companies are specialists in one particular area. Before you hire a marketing company, you need to know your goals. This will ensure that you get the best help.
  2. While the above definitions are general, there is a significant distinction between SEO/SEM and SMM. SMM focuses on relationships and building relationships, while SEO/SEM focuses on driving traffic to websites. The focus is important. Both aspects may be necessary, but you should carefully consider your goals.
  3. SMM is a trend that you should include. You need to make sure you are creating fresh, regular content. You can either create your posts and conversations or outsource the task. However, daily attention must be paid to these efforts on social media platforms. Although social media managers are more affordable than SEO companies and SEM/SEO companies in terms of cost, the return on SMM can seem lower because it takes longer to build relationships. Relationship building doesn’t always translate into immediate business.
  4. Remember that search engine algorithms change frequently, so if you are inclined to include SEO/SEM, it is important to remember that the algorithms used to acquire search engine results changes almost daily. This means that you should expect it to be an ongoing commitment and not a temporary fix. It is not easy to be found on Google’s first page. It’s not about having relationships with people or having conversations. It’s all about links, constant key word research, updates, and adjustments. While the payoffs for driving traffic to your site are higher, it is important that your website be maintained and updated for optimal results.
  5. No matter what your focus is, sales are the result of how engaged you are as a company and a product. Marketing can only increase visibility and build a brand. Sales are ultimately determined by the quality of your products and customer service. SEM, SEO and SMM are only tools that can help you be accountable and get found. You can do the rest!

Camille Rodriquez, the founder of Polka Dot Impressions is a social media consultancy company. Living Stones Church – Sugar Land is her Women’s Pastor. She has also authored a Christian devotional entitled “When igpanel I die – On Being and Living and Having The Last Word.”